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If your life lacks something special, and your soul needs something unusual, go straight to the Erivan Restaurant on 51 The Fontanka Embankment. There, in the cool halls, you will find genuine Armenian author's cuisine and absolutely tremendous interior - where only china, crystal and table silver (all tailored) are factory-made. Everything else, from noble oak furniture to napkin holders, is hand-made by Armenian craftsmen. Fenders, stained-glass windows, and candlesticks – everything carries a particle of the Armenian mountains and the Armenian sun

Excursion on restaurant

The restaurant consists of three halls, each having its own 'face'.

The small hall is ethnic. The walls are covered with handmade carpets, ornamented cloths, clay utensils, and interior subjects, all filled with ancient Armenia.

The big hall is with a little of the European style, with convenient served tables, made in light golden tones.



The VIP-hall is a small cosy drawing room with a library, a fireplace, and 19th century furniture. This place is not for loud feasts, but for quiet home dinners with relatives and friends, and for chamber conversations. The hall is for 12 people only. There is also a wine bar with the best sorts of wines from all over the world, and, naturally, from the Armenian winemakers. The rent is 1000 rubles per hour.

There needs to be a special talk about the cuisine, as the cook here does not just cook, but performs a religious rite. Complex, nearly forgotten recipes of the national cuisine were gathered by Armenian regional specialists

There is nothing analogues to the dishes offered in 'Erivan' anywhere else in Petersburg. Here and only here can you try genuine Kufta (veal sirloin specially brought from Armenia, hand-ground with stones and shaped as a sphere before serving), beef brains with olive oil, salad with mountain sorrel. The 'Spas' Soup is a unique dish. It is a tan with matsun and wheat. Home Arishta noodles, dried on the sun and fried on fire, cannot leave anyone indifferent, even if he or she is not Armenian. Five kinds of tolma and seven kinds of shashlik skewers grilled on a brazier, as well as famous Armenian eggplants must be tried at least out of curiosity. while speciality tolma 'Erivan' (stuffed quail in grape leaves with spices) and 'Drunk Chicken' (original Tabaka chicken under the 19th century recipe) must be tried by every self-respecting gourmet. This is also true for the desserts. Thin, almost transparent dried fruit that cannot be found even in the most expensive shops, simply melt in the mouth. Home halvah, and Ahandz – fried wheat and hemp cereals make up a logical and wonderful end of a dinne

The Wine List is in fact a geographical map of the world flavours. Among the restaurant wines, there are a lot of wines from the New and the Old Worlds. There are masterpieces from the winemakers of France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, and the USA. The natural pride of the restaurant is wines and beverages from Armenia. Among them are Areni, Armenian mulberry, cornel and apricot vodka. Two kinds of Armenian beer - Cilicia and Kotayk, mountain herbal tea. And what table is good without famous Armenian cognacs? No way! There is Ararat, Akhtamar (10 years), Vaspurakan (18 years), and Nairi (20 years). The prices in 'Erivan' are fascinatingly democratic, which is hard to expect from a national restaurant with exclusive ethnic cuisine and interior. Cold starters from 105 rubles, salads from 140 rubles, hot starters from 115 rubles, soups from 140 rubles, main course from 160 rubles, and desserts from 70 rubles. …The atmosphere of this cosy place is simply invaluable.

From Monday till Saturday, from 20:00 live music. Classical duduk performed by maestro Hachatura Sarkasjantsa and Olga Pavenskoj's romantic vocal.

We invite you to visit our corner of Armenia and to touch its centuries-old history!

Erivan Restaurant Reviews Erivan Restaurant Reviews

Erivan Restaurant Reviews